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Canterberry Arabian Farm as it is known today began in 1978 in Virginia and then relocated to North Carolina in 1986. Loretta, however, began showing in 1969 in Class A Arabian Shows with her Half-Arabian mare, "Boxwood Genie", a large pony, where they as a team won many titles in Saddle Seat English Pleasure, Western Pleasure and Equitation Classes. She and "Genie" were also 4-H State and Regional Champions in the English and Saddle Seat/Western Equitation Divisions and always were standouts in Local Open Competitions. Loretta, at 16, was named the Virginia State Horse Queen aboard "Genie" whereas they competed against 15 other female equestrians that were 20 years of age and under. This was quite an accomplishment, at the very prestigious Virginia State Horse Show, held in Richmond Virginia, which featured Olympic hopefuls that of course rode other breeds that were not Arabian. Since "Genie" had been raised/trained by Loretta since a yearling, they had that bond that all Arabian owners share. They knew each other's every move and were very hard to defeat when they entered the ring, as both knew their job and they did it well. Since, "Boxwood Genie", Loretta's journey with Arabians had just begun. Over her remaining years in High School and the 4-H as a JR. rider she successfully overcame the odds, riding her Arabians and Half-Arabians to many titles as they were usually the only "Arab" in their divisions. Another stand-out Half-Arabian that Loretta rode her last year in 4-H, due to an injury to her beloved "Genie" was the high stepping half Hackney mare, Tiffandy. With less than a year of ownership, Loretta and Tiffandy topped off Loretta's last year of 4-H with the VA State Championships in English Pleasure, English Equitation and 4th overall in Showmanship, and you guessed it, against all other breeds. So wind the clock forward a few years, to college and a very special Purebred Mare, "Kimbryer Felixia+", who ultimately won enough in the English Open & Amateur, Side Saddle, and Hunter Divisions to achieve her Legion Of Honor in 1978. She too was readied for these divisions by Loretta and these two lived and breathed together. On the National level, "Felixia +" achieved a finalist placing in the National Ladies Side Saddle class ending up 11th out of 2 large cut classes. This was also the mare that won Region 15 Champion Side Saddle 1979 and 1980 plus Region 15 Reserve Champion English AOTR in 1979 and Top 5 in 1980.

This is when Canterberry Arabian Farm was borne and Loretta has never looked back. Since then, the hand-picked and bred horses of the farm, from all over the US, both Purebred and Half-Arabian have garnered many Class A, Regional, East Coast, Buckeye, Egyptian Event and National titles in the following divisions: Halter, Halter AOTH, Regional Breeders' Sweepstakes Yearling Halter, English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Costume, Sport Horse in Hand, Driving, Hunter Pleasure and of course English/Western Side Saddle.

The stallions and mares of Canterberry have the featured bloodlines of El Shaklan, Simeon Shai, Negatraz, Aladdinn, and Marwan Al Shaqab for a perfect mixture of Polish, Egyptian and Spanish lines that have made for an amateur Breeders' Dream in both the Halter and Performance Divisions. With the 2008 addition of the Multi-Champion Stallion, "Marzzan" who is sired by International Champion, "Marwan Al Shaqab" the farm will now have the formula to produce get in the future, with 3 World Champions in their pedigree. With the current breeding stock of mares, which includes; 6 US Top 10 Titles and "Marzzan" the Multi-Champion stallion, our "Testarossaa" future is very bright!

So after 5 decades of owning, training, showing, judging and breeding Arabian Horses, Loretta invites you to see the breeding program that is displayed on her new web site. She would also like to "Thank" several individuals who have played a very important part in where the farm and where she is today with their support and guidance. They are of course her parents (Edna/Pete), her sister( Suzanne), her husband (Johnny), Jim Fisher, Jerry Modlin, Bazy Tankersley, Joy Gildersleeve, Wes & Beth Bowen, Kay & Nick Nickerson, Sharon Blendinger, Stanley White, Sr., Venita & Pepper Profitt, Chris & Paula Anckerson, Eleanor & Elizabeth Jones, Kay Fowler, Dr. Garnder, Dr. Lowery, Dr. Storey, Dr. Mary Gochnauer, Carl Smith, Ron Harrington, David Conner, Miller Pinson, Bob Bennett Jr, and her many many friends and clients that she had worked with over the years. Loretta hopes that you enjoy the fruits of her labor as shown on this beautiful new web site and please, don't be a stranger!

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